"I particularly admire in Barbara Goldberg the inventiveness of her mind and the brilliant assurance of her craft."
--Stanley Kunitz

"Her poems come of a nature simultaneously erotic, austere, and of good will. It may be said of Goldberg, as it has been said of Shakespeare, that a dirty mind is a perennial resource."
--Howard Nemerov

“One envies her good eye and celebrates the voice that in its ‘hunger for clarity’ speaks.”
--Lucille Clifton

“These powerful, passionate poems explore the body’s ‘curious, various hungers’ with brave frankness and energy. Their vigor and intelligence ignites revelation. ”
--Naomi Shihab Nye

Just Released.
Scorched by the Sun

A new collection of poems by Israeli poet Moshe Dor. These poems, artfully translated by Barbara Goldberg, speak to hamatzav, the “situation.” The conflict, elections, the latest scandal— Israel is always in the midst of a “situation.” It is an ever-present fact of Israeli life, the backdrop against which all emotions and endeavors are projected. This is also a book about love—love for a woman, love for a motherland.