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Kingdom of Speculation

Even an ode to sorrow makes a joyful noise.

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"In this book you will be under the spell of imagination that is truly impressive. But, more than that: you will fall in love with Barbara Goldberg's syntax. The way her sentence works against her line-breaks, creating fireworks, is a fairy tale in and of itself. Her poems are magical, not because they contain princesses and ravens and thieves of eggs. They are magical because their music grabs us and won't let us be. The secret to true music cannot be understood. It can only be applauded.”
--Ilya Kaminsky, Author of Dancing in Odessa

Book design: David Alcorn, Alcorn Publication Design. Cover art: Fernando Botero, “Society Lady.” Courtesy of Fernando Botero. University of Wisconsin Press.
The Royal Baker’s Daughter
Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry

David St. John, Judge

Lord, grant me the power to well digest all that I have well eaten.

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These poems, at once elegant and earthy, reveal the inner workings of the human psyche and show us that sometimes the best defense against terror is making mischief.
“In Barbara Goldberg’s marvelous collection, The Royal Baker’s Daughter, cooking itself stands as a metaphor for devotion to the fruits of the earth and to the creation of human hopes. Never didactic and always scrupulous, these poems stand as a kind of testimony to the transformative alchemy of both cuisine and the natural world. She understands that, at times, only a sense of fable allows us to fully understand our own shifting, incomprehensible lives. These poems show us how we sometimes choose to devour—over and over again, often relishing their texture—those very wounds that have made us who we are and what we have come to believe.”
—David St. John
“Barbara Goldberg is one of my very favorite poets for her humor, her absolute mastery of the language and sound, the reverberating echoes in her poems, sonic, soulful, literary, biblical.” 
--Peter Stitt
“I've read few contemporary poets who have taken material in as surprisingly delicious ways: in spare diction, darkly comic outrageousness, and off-handed directness that catches me off-guard.”
--Merrill Leffler, Montserrat Review

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Marvelous Pursuits

Violet Reed Haas Award

David Kirby, Judge

“the body must answer to curious, various hungers.”

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“The first thing I look for in poetry is something different: not night-and-day different, but different in the sense that the poet has mastered the traditions and has tried to go it one better. But the main thing I look for is rich satisfaction, which means the poems must always keeps something secret from the reader. If this means taking risks, so be it. This poetry is marvelous and worth pursuing.
--David Kirby
“Barbara Goldberg has the capacity for deep sympathy in poems that also manage to be ferocious with precise honesties. Goldberg turns away from nothing. Throughout I felt in the presence of embodied truths. A stunning collection.”
--Stephen Dunn
“Barbara Goldberg has produced a dazzling book. She writes with clarity, wit and passion.”
--William Matthews
“Barbara Goldberg ‘s powerful, passionate poems explore the body’s ‘curious, various hungers,’ with brave frankness and energy. They have an appealing, unflinching gaze.”
--Naomi Shihab Nye

Cover design: Paris Pacchione. Cover art: Man Carrying Reluctant Wife, stencil, by Pudlo Pudlot.  Permission by West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative Ltd. Dryad Press.
Cautionary Tales

Camden Poetry Award

Linda Pastan, Judge

Ramon! The way you held that melon it must have ripened in your hand.

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"Cautionary Tales comes of a nature simultaneously erotic, austere, and of good will. It may be said of Goldberg, as it has been said of Shakespeare, that a dirty mind is a perennial resource."
--Howard Nemerov
“Barbara Goldberg’s vivid imagery, her direct and forceful telling, help warn and counsel her readers. One envies her good eye and celebrates the voice that in ‘hunger for clarity’ speaks.”
--Lucille Clifton
"The journey in these poems is a sensual one, a search for meaning by a woman who finds spirituality in the flesh and in a cool, detached intelligence. Highly recommended. "
--Choice (American Library Association)

Original wood engravings by Rosemary Feit Covey Book design: Paris Pacchione. Cover art: Rosemary Feit Covey. The Word Works, published simultaneously in Canada by the Porcupine’s Quill, Inc.
Berta Broadfoot and Pepin the Short: A Merovingian Romance

I am more tempted by sweeetcakes than by women.

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This book deals with events that transpired in eighth century France - the marriage of Princess Berta of Hungary to Pepin of France. Here are the roots of two fairytales, Cinderella and Snow White, eleven hundred years before the Brothers Grimm. Historically known as Pepin the Short and Berta Broadfoot, they become the parents of Charlemagne.
"History, fantasy, and psychological insight combine to make this 'Merovingian Romance' a truly fresh and lively work of the modern poetry imagination. I particularly admire in Barbara Goldberg the inventiveness of her mind and the brilliant assurance of her craft."
--Stanley Kunitz
"Barbara Goldberg's imagination is as distinctive as Princess Berta's broad foot. This book is full of wonderful energy, invention, and wit."
--Linda Pastan
"This sequence has unusual richness and power. Barbara Goldberg has been seized by the vitality of her characters, yet maintains a firm control over difficult techniques.” 
--Henry Taylor


Book design:Janice Olson. Cover art: Mordecai Ardo, Red Sun.
Scorched by the Sun
Poems by Moshe Dor
Translated from the Hebrew by Barbara Goldberg and Moshe Dor

These poems, artfully translated by Barbara Goldberg, breathe, taste and smell like Israel. It's about living in a land where hope and terror live side by side. It's also a book about love - love for a motherland and love for a woman.

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“Ardent, compressed, pungent and lyrical, these poems have a glorious force that recalls the roots of all poetry.”
—Robert Pinsky. Former U.S. Poet Laureate

Text and cover design: Sandy Rodgers. Cover Art: Flock by Audrey Bergner. Reproduced with permission of the artist. Syracuse University Press/Dryad Press.
After the First Rain: Israeli Poems on War and Peace

Co-edited by Moshe Dor and Barbara Goldberg
Foreword by Shimon Peres

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Sixty-five Israeli poets write of their despair over war and their fierce craving for peace. Among the 35 translators of poems in this collection are Barbara Goldberg, Shirley Kaufman. the late William Matthews, Stephen Mitchell, Linda Pastan,  Myra Sklarew and Henry Taylor.

“Great poetry doesn't necessarily get made out of important subjects. But this is an urgent subject and the poems address it eloquently. War-weariness, piercing sadness, hope."
-- Robert Hass, The Washington Post Book World

"Despite all the politics, this anthology showcases two strengths of contemporary Israeli poetry: a stark simplicity and an ability to manipulate familiar Biblical scenes or phrases. . . . Most importantly, this anthology shows American readers a whole slew of poets they might not know because they are never or rarely translated.”
--  Aviya Kushner, Harvard Review

"Despite the formidable obstacles of language, the tragedy of war and hope for peace, the alef and tav of Israeli life, shine through this moving collection.”.
--Aaron Leibel, Washington Jewish Week

Book and Cover design by Sandy Rodgers. Cover art and photograph of Ronny Someck by Ronen Lalena. University of Wisconsin Press/Dryad Press
The Fire Stays in Red: Poems of Ronny Someck

Translated by Moshe Dor and Barbara Goldberg
Bilingual Edition in Hebrew and English

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Someck's poems are rich in slang and distinguished by staccato rhythms, quick cuts, close-ups, and disturbing segues. As in film noir, the sensations are of speed, danger, uncertainty. His distinct Sephardi voice invokes the odors of falafel and schwarma, the army with its supporting cast of recruits and commandos, the bustle of southern Tel Aviv with its small garages, shops, cheap restaurants, its gangs and its Arab workers. He is also the troubadour of the lovelorn, with poems that are hot, erotic, comic, tragic, agape at the wonders of a tear and a tattoo and a snapshot and a bra and a scarecrow.

“Reading Ronny Someck’s fascinating work, I came upon ‘Bliss,’ a poem that can serve as a wedding toast throughout the world.”
--Wislawa Szymborska

Book design: Sandy Rodgers.  Cover art: Audrey Bergner. Dryad Press
The Fullness Thereof

Poems by Moshe Dor, translated by Moshe Dor and Barbara Goldberg
In The Fullness Thereof, Moshe Dor explores contemporary relationships through the prism of biblical characters.

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The Stones Remember: Native Israeli Poetry

Moshe Dor, Barbara Goldberg, Giora Leschem, eds.
Witter Bynner Foundation Award
Outstanding Book, Choice Magazine

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An anthology of 50 contemporary Israeli poets including Chaim Gouri, T, Carmi, Dalia Ravikovitch. Many of these poems, representative of the Native School, appear in English for the first time.

"This collection reveals, in memorable poetry superbly translated, the shape of a land and the spirit of a people."
--William Jay Smith.


Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust, Charles Ades Fishman, ed.
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Ghosts of the Holocaust: An Anthology of Poetry by the Second Generation, Steward Florshein, ed.
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Open Door: A Poet Lore Anthology 1980-1996. Philip Jason, Barbara Goldberg. Geraldine Connolly, Roland Flint, eds.
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Sleeping with One Eye Open: Women Writers and the Art of Survival. Marilyn Kallet and Judith Ortiz Cofer, eds. 
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When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple. Sandra Martz, ed.
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The Tie That Binds: Fathers & Daughters/Mothers & Sons. Sandra Martz, ed.
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